Crosstabs in PostgreSQL: PivotMyTable

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Crosstabs in PostgreSQL: PivotMyTable

PivotMyTable is a PL/Python function for use in PostgreSQL servers. Its aim is to get crosstab  tables in PostgreSQL in a more friendly way that PostgreSQL module tablefunc does with its crosstab series functions and in fact it behaves ,at last, as a proxy for tablefunc functions.

PivotMyTable makes possible to create crosstabs in PostgreSQL in the same way that other available solutions, automating the creation of the queries that the tablefunc crosstab functions need to work.

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QGIS Plugin: Transectizer


Custom cursor showing bearing

A custom, chatty QGIS plugin cursor showing the bearing line.

Transectizer is a QGIS plugin which provides an easy way to design linear transects with sampling stations distributed at a given distance along the transect.

Transectizer makes possible to automatically generate each individual station details (transect name, station name, station number) or have control over all the attributes of each station.

You can store your transects in a new layer or provide an existing layer for it. In that case, Transectizer will make the appropiate changes to your layer to make it compatible with Transectizer. Continue reading